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Dear colleagues,

After submission of report of VI CPC, there have been hectic activities by Central Executive Body of IRMS Association for implementation of report of VI CPC and for improvements in it wherever necessary at the level of Government. Following have been developments in recent past.

1. VI CPC Recommendations.
l There has been a lot of overall financial benefit and tremendous improvement in service condition of Govt. employee in general and medical officer in particular.

Highlights are as following

specific to medical officer.
Time bound promotion to SAG on completion of 20 years of service.

Doubling of P.G. allowance, contingency allowance and conveyance allowance.

Addition of 24% DA and NPA as on 01.01.2006, in revised pay after fixation.

Continuance of NPA at the rate of 25% of band pay plus grade pay. It shall continue to be counted as pay for all allowance and retirement benefits.

2. General Recommendations.

Placement of all NFSG officers in PB4 instead of PB3.

Increment at rate of 3% of band pay + grade pay on Ist July every year, up-to 20% of meritorious officers in PB3 to be given increment @4%.

Enhancement of transport allowance by 4 times. DA to be given over it. Officers in SAG and above who are entitled for staff car to be given transport allowance at the rate of Rs.7000/- plus DA. If they not use staff car. Those residing within 1 Km. and in campus also to get it.

Up-to 10 day leave encashment at a stretch at minimum two years interval, maximum up-to 60 days in total service. This will be in addition to existing 300 days encashment at retirement.

Members of all organized group A to be given “Insitu” promotions to grade (if they have not got it) when IAS batch two years junior to them obtain that particular grade in Central Government.

W.E.F. 01.09.2008 children education allowance at maximum up-to 3000 per quarter or 12000 per year for children studies between Nursery to Class 12th. Hostel subsidy up-to 3000 per month. However both cannot be paid together.

Linkage of full pension with 33 years service removed. After the completion of 20 years of qualifying service, pension to be paid at 50% of the emoluments or average emoluments recieved during the last 10 months, whichever is more.

Monetary ceiling for leave encashment at retirement enhanced to 10 lakhs.

(i) Maternity leave enhanced to 180 days. Leave of kind due and admissible in continuation with maternity leave up-to 02 years.

(ii)Women employee having minor children below 18 years can be granted child care leave maximum up-to 02 years during entire service to look after their needs like exam, sickness etc. Full salary to be paid during this period.

DA on revised pay and NPA at the rate of 0% w.e.f. 1.1.06, 2% w.e.f. 1.7.06, 6% w.e.f. 1.1.07, 9% w.e.f. 1.7.07, 12% w.e.f. 1.1.08, 16% w.e.f. 1.7.08. Lot of credit for our achievements goes to previous executive who made forceful presentation before VIth CPC. We are especially thankful to our D.G.R.H.S., Dr.V.K. Ramteke who as President of IRMS Association guided and made significant contribution in presentation of IRMS Association before VIth CPC. Present executive has been rigorously and consistently following implementation of recommendation of VIth CPC at every level. We met and represented DGRHS, Member Staff, Financial Commissioner, Railway Board, Health Secretary, Secretary Expenditure and Cabinet Secretary in this regard. All the members of Committee of Secretaries particularly Health Secretary, Expenditure Secretary and Cabinet Secretary have been extremely helpful for which we are grateful to them.

I express my sincere thanks to all the members of present executive body for their constant support and cooperation. Dr.Mrs.Jaya Shree Rana. Sr.Vice President of the Association has been instrumental in follow up of things at higher levels. Dr.Sudhir Kumar Sharma, former General Secretary and Secretary of IRMS Association committee for 6th CPC not only drafted the memorandum but also has been actively following the things.

Enhancement of Retirement Age:

We have been chasing the issue. Presently file is with Health Minister for approval of draft cabinet note.

Provision of Hired Vehicles to SAG officers:
We have represented against sharing of vehicles to be done by IRMS officers while all other officers in zonal railway have been one hired vehicle for one officer.

Organizational Issues:

Zonal Body:
Without active and strong zonal and divisional bodies, association cannot function effectively. Therefore, it is requested to form these bodies at the earliest as envisaged in constitution of the association.

Both ways active communications should be maintained to make association vigilant. E-mail addresses and CUG numbers of maximum possible number of members must be sent at the earliest.

i) Constitution provides for Rs.500/- per doctor as life membership fee of the association. However, so far we have received Rs.14000 from 28 Doctors of N.E. Rly and Rs10,000 from NCR Railway , which is a very small number. All the members are requested to send their life membership fee through your zonal body to the undersigned by an account payee draft payable at New Delhi in name of Indian Railway Medical Service Association.

ii) It was decided that Rs.10,000/- out of saving from each of the conferences held by the zonal railway should be contributed to IRMS Association. Accordingly, contribution of Rs.10,000/- each has been made by N.E. Rly and NC Railway. Rest of the zonal railways are requested to follow it.

iii) Dr.B.J. Mahidik, CMD, EC Rly organized first ever two days scientific conference at Patna in June’2008 under banner of IRMS Association for which he deserves special praise.

iv) We are working in coordination with Joint Action Council of Service Doctors Organizations (JACDSO) for follow up of issues related to doctors.

v) Fixation Formula:
There has been a lot of controversy and differences in fixation of pay of medical officers in different zonal railways. A model fixation formula is given as Annexure to this newsletter(or you can view on net at following site (copy and paste on the address site, and then press enter)

Any clarification in this regard can be sought from undersigned on CUG number 9717630535 or from Dr.Sudhir Kumar Sharma on Mobile No.9717630543.

vi) Next General Body Meeting of the Association shall be held in December 2008,. in auditorium of Northern Railway Central Hospital, New Delhi. The date shall be intimated later. It is likely that a CME shall be organized on that day at same venue.

All of you are requested to attend the meeting.

Jai Hind.

Dr.Mrs.Rushma Tandon

General Secretary.

Note: Details regarding VI CPC and its implementation are available on the

site of Finance Ministry i.e. “ FINMIN.NIC.IN.” and ssite of Railway

Ministry i.e.

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